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Anti-reflective -No Glare lenses

We offer no glare lenses to provide your sharpest clearest vision.

Reduce squinting while on your computer, watching tv, driving and with many other everyday activities. 

Photochromatic Lenses

Exceptional Eyecare has all the current and latest technology, including color changing lenses available. These lenses darken while in the sun and clear up once indoors. Not only are they a must have they are extremely affordable.

Thinner, lighter lenses

At Exceptional Eyecare we have lenses available for all prescriptions! At our optical, we help you choose the options that are best suited for your prescription, to assist you in obtaining exceptional vision!

Progressive Lenses

We offer a variety of no-line bifocals to fit various lifestyles and Rx's. From 1st time bi-focal wearers to current wearers, we have the designs to meet your needs.

Contact Lenses

We have an enormous selection of contact lens options available to suit your needs. From daily disposables to over night wear. We also have a variety of colored contact lens options within our eye care center, as well.

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